Day Porters are responsible for ensuring your facility is clean and presentable to staff, tenants, and visitors during business hours. They can perform basic cleaning and general maintenance tasks, including Inspecting, respond to service calls, front lobby support, restroom restocks, trash removal, cleaning, and disinfecting common areas.

What is the role of a day porter? The Day Porter performs a wide range of duties that is dictated by the facility they service. The Day Porter works in conjunction with the Night Cleaning Team to help provide cross shift continuity, an integral part of a fully managed facility service solution.

Day porter vs Janitorial services – The responsibilities of a day porter and a janitor are quite similar. The main differences are the timing of the service and the job duties that vary depending on your property needs. Besides running errands within the facilities, a day porter is responsible for the cleaning surfaces and common areas during business hours. They usually don’t offer deep cleaning or cover the entire building.

Janitorial services, on the other hand, are typically performed after office hours or when the traffic is low. This gives janitors enough time to effectively and efficiently deep clean.