Hard Floor


A floor is the first thing people see when they walk into your facility. Your facility’s flooring surfaces are subject to tough wear and can be easily damaged. The best way to maintain your floors is by implementing an effective hard floor care program using superior products that require less labor. We offer the most comprehensive hard floor care service that will make your business presentable again. We understand labor, resources, cost, and expectations are all important factors when choosing your floor care program. No matter what floor type, equipment, or maintenance needs you have, we will help you customize the most successful floor care program from your facility.

Tile and Grout Cleaning– Routine janitorial services won’t accomplish the deep cleaning your tile or grout needs. Regular mopping does not reach the hidden dirt lying deep within the pores of the grout lines. Our expert methods use the best products and technology to leave your tile and grout looking new. Because grout is a porous material, it stains easily. In rooms that have high humidity or moisture, such as a bathroom, grout can become breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria, fungus, and mildew. Our experts can restore your tile and grout to its original condition. Our tile and grout cleaning process will extract dirt from your pores by removing it from deep within the pores of the grout.

Strip and Wax – The benefits of stripping and waxing floors will surpass any costs involved.

Eliminates Moisture – You can protect your floors from accumulating moisture. Moisture can do a lot of damage to your floors. Moisture can result in stains, darkening and rotting of floors. With professional waxing and stripping services, you can protect your floors and give them a new look and life.

Freedom from Scratches – All floors develop scratches and stains over a while. If your floor is showing marks from stains and scratches, do not think of getting it replaced. Instead, call in floor stripping services to get your floor fixed. An intensive waxing and stripping session will rid your floor of all imperfections and make it as good as new.

Prevents Staining – Accumulation of dust and moisture can lead to staining and discoloration of the floor. This reduces its life and makes for an unpleasant sight. Getting professionals to wax and strip the floor can help you get rid of the stains on your floor and revive its original beauty and look.